Ög46 Herrestad. Girls beside runestone in Herrestad in Östergötland. Photo: cirka 1900
Ög 46 Herrestad. Girls beside runestone in Herrestad in Östergötland. Photo: Unknown photographer, c. 1900

We are happy to announce that we will present a new collection on Flickr Commons in the beginning of next week – on September 1st to be more precise. We give you a sneak preview in this post.

It´s called ”Old churches and ancient monuments” and we have selected samples of older black and white photographs from our archives. The photos will be arranged in two sets: One with photos of churches from 1100-1900 A.D. – churches of different kinds (cathedrals, country churches, chapels, etc.) from all over Sweden. The other set will contain photos of Swedish ancient monuments and archaeological sites such as rune stones, dolmens and rock carvings.

Mörrum Church in Blekinge. Photo: 1894
Mörrum Church in Blekinge. Photo: Unknown photographer, 1894

We have already successfully presented nearly 300 photographs by the physician and photographer Carl Curman (and more are to come). These have been continuously uploaded every week (except for a summer break) since the initial release in the middle of March 2009.

Our experience so far is merely and entirely positive. For instance: The photos uploaded to Flickr have been viewed over 230 000 times and the community members have given us valuable information about the pictures – which has enabled us to complete or correct the posts in our own online photo database. Our photos and our participation in Flickr Commons have also given us quite a lot of attention in media and in the blogsphere.

Hopefully this new collection will be a treat to all you photo lovers and all who would enjoy looking at churches, rune stones, people and places from Old Sweden. Welcome to view and share our photographs next week.

>> Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at The Swedish National Heritage Board

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