Man beside one of two dolmens at Snarringe hamlet in Skåne. The passage grave could be from c. 2500 BC. Photograph by: Unknown

Finally…! The new collection on Flickr Commons, as we told about last week, is now launched with 20 uploaded pictures to start with…

This is so exciting: how will these old photographs of churches and ancient monuments be received by all of you who hopefully will view them? Will they be commented on? Will some keen members of the Flickr Community help us complete or correct the information on the pictures – as they so neatly have done with several photos in our Carl Curman Collection?

Kolåsen Sami Chapel in Jämtland from 1849. View from north over the lakes and the mountains. Photograph by: unknown

We on the Flickr Commons team at the National Heritage Board think that these plain and sometimes even a bit anonymous pictures have  something to tell us about the Swedish Cultural Heritage – not in a glamorous or fanciful, but in an honest way. Some of the photographs are taken by scientists or devoted scholars with the purpose to document. Some of the photographers are unknown to us.

We hope these photos will raise an interest in Old Time Sweden with its people, churches and ancient monuments. Welcome to share a part of our Heritage!

>> Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at The Swedish National Heritage Board

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