More than 300 peoples from all over the world are attending the 3 day conference ”Landscape and Driving forces” – for the Implementation of the ELC* which was inaugurated today by Culture Minister of Sweden, Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth.

Culture Minister of Sweden, Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth. Foto: Eva Fadeel

The main theme of the first day was Climate change and the emerging agenda of renewable energy. Here are some reflections from the speakers:

”Its time for new ideas and global solutions…” (Mr Westholm, Swedish Institute for future studies, Sweden)

”Landscape make the energy tangible and the landscape has become a forum for energy discussions”

”There are myths about renewable energy that never have been proved” (Mr Vanderhorst, University od Birmingham, UK)

”Land was the economic force in the 18th century, labour in the 19th, money in 20th and the 21th – land again?” (Mr Roca, University of Lissabon, Portugal)

” The ELC – a platform for a lot of political discussions”

”In the near future the solar cells will be designed to fit into historical buildings without destroying the cultural value of the them” (Mr Schmitz-Borchert, Sciene Park, Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

”There will be an increasing competition for land…” (Mr Hornborg, University of Lund, Sweden)

”Let the landscape itself be the driving force” (Mr Pedroli, UNISCAPE, The Netherlands)

* The conferences ”Landscape and Driving forces” is the Eighth Meeting of the Council of Europe of the Workshops for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention