Mr and Mrs Samuelsson, Stigåsa, Småland, Sweden
Mr and Mrs Samuelsson, Stigåsa, Småland, Sweden

As you may have noticed, today the world is celebrating love. The people behind Ask archivists thought that the archives all over the world were full of pictures and stories about love so they have started the hashtag #loveheritage on Twitter and asked all archives to join in.

In our archives we have a lot of photos that shows love, so we are going to post some of them today. The first one (above) are from our collection of Einar Ericis photos and shows Carl Anders and Anna Lena Samuelsson from Stigåsa in Småland, Sweden in the year of 1932. More photos from our collections can be found at Flickr.

We also posted this during the day:
Mr and Mrs Fröding
Wedding at Brahe church
A couple in love

We also created a feed at Twingly to show all tweets that were posted with #loveheritage.