Fru Alstad church, Skåne, Sweden. Photo: Oscar Halldin, ca 1905
Fru Alstad church, Skåne, Sweden. Photo: Oscar Halldin, ca 1905

Our album on Flickr Commons called “Old churches“ was launched in September 2009. We will now let the album grow, with even more images of churches and their environments from all over Sweden, some 100 years ago or more.

The album reflects one of the largest photo collections in the archives of the Swedish National Heritage Board, with about 140.000 photos of Swedish churches, taken from ca 1860 to 1975. Until the 1990s, the Swedish National Heritage Board was responsible for supervising the care and maintain of the Swedish church buildings (the task was then transferred to the County Administrative Boards). That is the reason why we have so many of these images in our holdings.

The images in the album show Swedish churches from about 1100-1900 AD from all parts of the country – stone and wooden churches of different shapes, cathedrals and chapels, country churches as well as city churches. They also show the surrounding rural or urban environments, and sometimes you will notice men, women and children from times gone by.

Welcome to view, share, download and comment on these old images of the Swedish heritage, in our photostream on The Commons on Flickr as well as in the album “Old churches“.

Viby church, Närke, Sweden. Photo: Samuel Lindskog
Viby church, Närke, Sweden. Photo: Samuel Lindskog, ca 1930

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