Waterfall, Norway. Photo by Carl Curman
Unidentified place in Norway. Photo: Carl Curman

We are right now preparing an upload on Flickr Commons of some recently digitized photos taken by the physician and photographer Carl Curman. These pictures were taken when Dr Curman made a trip to Norway.

When we moved our collections to new vaults some years ago, a minor collection of glass plate negatives by Carl Curman emerged from oblivion (as things often do when you move large archives collections…). We thought this little treasure could be a complement to our present collection of Carl Curman’s photos on Flickr Commons.

Our Carl Curman Collection on The Commons gave us a good reason to digitize these ”new” negatives and to search for the origin of their motives. Most of them could be located without any problems, but there were some from outside Sweden which we were not sure about.
People sitting by the side of the road. Photo by Carl Curman.
Unidentified place in Norway. Photo: Carl Curman

Luckily, our colleague Alice, originated from Norway, could identify that these photos were taken in Norway, but she couldn’t tell the exact place or location. Some of them show a small village with a bathhouse (could it be a spa resort, since Carl Curman went there?), others show impressive Norwegian landscapes with buildings, waterfalls and timber.

A selection of the photos from Norway will be added to our set on The Commons ”Carl Curman – Europe” with beginning on Monday 8th June. We hope that our friends on Flickr can help us identify the locations more precisely.

>> Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at The Swedish National Heritage Board

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  1. Kul med fler bilder. Men bilden med forsen har inte kommit upp på flickr ännu :(

  2. Roligt att du uppskattar bilderna! Mycket riktigt så är inte bilden med forsen utlagd på Flickr Commons ännu. Den är en liten försmak av vad som komma skall :) Bilder från Norge kommer att läggas ut vid ytterligare två tillfällen, så håll ut och återkom!

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