Château Gaillard Castle at Les Andelys, Normandy, France
Château Gaillard, France. Photo by: Unknown

The 500 000 view on our photos on Flickr Commons were registered today (March 29th). This shows us how well our photos have been received and appreciated by the large audience on Flickr. We’ re more than happy about that! :-)

The Swedish National Heritage Board has also created a new set on Flickr Commons called ”Old Europe”. It will show photos from different European countries, taken about 100 years ago or later.

Town street in Rouen, Normandy, France
Street in Rouen, France. Photo by: Unknown

The countries represented are –  in random order – France, Estonia, Germany, Norway, European Russia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Shetland in the UK.  The main motives are towns, ancient monuments and different kinds of buildings in urban or rural environments.

We hope that the observant Flickr members will help us identify buildings and places in the images. Come join us on a tour in Old Europe, beginning in France.

>> Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr team at the Swedish National Heritage Board

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  2. Great wiew of Chateau gaillard an outstanding position dominating the Seine and les Andelys.

    :-) Danielle

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