The Swedish National Heritage Board has recently attained and passed the imposing number of 2000 contacts on Flickr.

By: Nordiska museet, Photo: Birgit Brånvall. CC (by-nc-nd) Nordiska museet is one of our contacts on Flickr.

Imagine that so many Flickr members – individuals as well as institutions – are especially interested in our images – and we in theirs. When marking the Swedish National Heritage Board as a contact, they can easily follow our recent uploads of new photos and keep track of our photostream on Flickr Commons.

When we add our contacts back, a random display of their buddy icons is shown on our Profile page. The diversity of the pictures shown by our Flickr contacts is just amazing. A wonderful global picture cocktail, so to speak. View some more samples:

Rail Walk & Gyro Park
Rail Walk and Gyro Park. Photo: ”BellaArt” Laura Nicole. CC (by-nc-nd).

Halmstad Äventyrsland
Halmstad amusementpark Äventyrsland. Photo: Håkan Dahlström. CC (by)

Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm
Ship’s cook Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm. By: National Library of Norway, Photo: Narve Skarpmoen. CC (by)

how could you not walk up this path??
Seoul 2009. Photo: ”sloanro” Robin Sloan. CC (by)

Sergels torg/Kulturhuset
Opening of a new municipal library in Kulturhuset/Sergelstorg, Stockholm. Photo: ”Anna-Stina” Anna-Stina Takala. CC (by)

Our contact number 2000 turned out to be ”lame2010”, who shows nice photos from Brasil.

Thank you all our contacts and friends – it’s just great to share pictures with you on Flickr. :-)

>>Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at the Swedish National Heritage Board