Photographer: Unknown

A smaller collection of autochromes from the Swedish National Heritage Board has now been launched on Flickr Commons in a new Set.

This Set, called ”Autochromes of Villa Bonnier”, contains 17 autochromes from the early 1930s (photographer unknown). They all show the exterior and the garden of a former private dwelling house in central Stockholm, called Villa Bonnier after its originator, the Swedish publisher Åke Bonnier Senior (1886-1979). Villa Bonnier was designed by the Swedish architect Ragnar Östberg (who also created the Stockholm City Hall). The Villa was built in 1927, and left by will to the Swedish State in 1981. Today it’s under special care as a listed state-owned historic building.

Photographer: Unknown

The autochrome method was an early colour photography process, invented by the French Lumière brothers in the first years of the 20th century, and replaced by colour film about 1935. A kind of diapositives, which couldn’t be copied, were developed through a special method that exposed glass plates covered with dyed potato starch grains.

We’re happy to show and to share these colourful pictures of a unique Swedish building. Welcome to view them on Flickr!

>>Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at the Swedish National Heritage Board